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We all know what stress can do to your body and mind, and how important it is to prevent it. Apart from yoga and meditation, one of the best ways to relax is to have a massage.

Having frequent massages or spa treats is, however, not always practical and within everyone’s budget. So learning a few techniques that friends and partners can mutually use at home can have amazing impact on your both your physical and emotional health.

I have learnt some amazing techniques for deep relaxation, pain relief and problems with insomnia in the Eden Energy Medicine Foundation course and I am thrilled to be able to share some of them in this article. By the end of this post, you’ll learn two simple yet very powerful techniques with multiple physical and emotional benefits.

Two Simple Yet Powerful Relaxation Techniques

I am going to share two such techniques, which not only can be learnt and applied easily and quickly, but which will profoundly benefit your physical and emotional health – with immediate, tangible effect. If you want to give your partner, child or a friend a big treat, then read on!

1) Spinal Flush

Contrary to what the name may suggest, this technique fortunately doesn’t require flushing your spine anywhere.

Instead, your partner or therapist with be firmly pressing paired points a few inches to the side from your spine, proceeding from top to bottom, starting at the level of your neck, then gradually going down, and ending around or under your waist level.

This procedure will benefit you in several ways:

– Energize you

– Strengthen your immune system – you can even nip an approaching cold in the bud

– Reduce built up stress and emotional tension (it can be a sanity-saver for any woman going through PMS!)

The reason this procedure is so invaluable in terms of improving your health is the following:

All along you spine, there are very important points called the neurolymphatic refex points.

These can be found at various locations on the front and back of the body, and each of them is related to a specific organ and meridian.

We can use these points to identify organs and meridians that are out of balance and need attention – e.g. due to clogged energy, toxins, energy overload, or not enough energy.

The points related to a meridian that is out of balance will be tender or sore – thus easy to identify.

To eliminate toxins, the lymph needs to move, and since (unlike the heart) it hasn’t got its own pump, it needs to be stimulated by body movement, massage and pressure.

When massaged (pressed/buzzed) deeply, the NL points send a signal to the lymph system, which consequently starts removing toxins from the related organs, and send energy to the associated meridians.

The physical and emotional effects of those released toxins and restored flow of energy can be felt immediately! My husband often offers me a spinal flash when he notices I’m getting tired, and I can never thank him enough for this treat.

You can also perform spinal flush standing up (Donna Eden and her husband David call it ‘Up against the wall!’, which is good when one is on the go, and needs a energy fix.) This can be even done outside your home (although it might look a bit like a ‘stop and search’ police procedure..!)

But to me, having the spinal flush lying down on a massage table is the real deal: The therapist stands above and behind the client’s head while performing the massage, so he/she can use the weight of their own body to lean down towards the client, and exert much more natural pressure than when standing up.

How to do a Spinal Flush:

– Have your friend (partner, client, enemy…) lie face down (or make them stand about half a step from a wall and support themselves with their hands)

– Using your thumbs or middle fingers, deeply massage the points about an inch on either side of their spine, from the base of their neck to the bottom of their sacrum.

Don’t worry about pressing quite hard, as this is very important for a proper release of toxins. You should be applying deep pressure in a circular motion, for at least three seconds on each point.

– When you have reached the sacrum, you can either repeat the massage (to the eternal gratitude of the person on the massage table), or complete it by distributing the person’s energies down their body, by sweeping down with your open hand – starting at their shoulders, and going across their back to their waist (or all the way to their feet) Repeat this cross-sweep several times.

This exercise is also described on page 93 of Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine, and also in the Energy Medicine Kit.

You can watch the ever charming couple Donna and David demonstrating the Spinal Flush in this video (from 01:10 onwards), in which they reveal yet another benefit of this technique – a tried and tested cooler for arguing couples!

Spinal Flush Done with a Massager

If you want to give your partner’s hands some rest, you can also have your Spinal Flush done with a handheld massager. I use Hangsun handheld deep percussion massager, a device which I find highly effective and powerful. It’s great especially if your partner’s hands need a bit of a rest when treating you to a Spinal Flush.

hangsun percussion massager

2) Brazilian Toe Technique

The Brazilian Toe Technique is a simple, yet powerful relaxation-promoting and toxin-releasing technique, sometimes used in hospitals to help people with after effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

It is performed by gentle holding specific acupressure points on a client’s toes, and it has proven to be a helpful tool for insomnia, nausea, edema, restless leg syndrome, hormonal and emotional imbalances, stress, balancing body’s polarities, and various types of aches and pain.

The toes are held in the following order: 3,4,5,2,1.

When holding the client’s toes, the therapists keeps their fingers straight, like a peg, rather than crouching them, and holds each toe for 3 minutes. The touch should be light and gentle.

The Procedure:

– Hold your thumb under the pad of the client’s middle toe, while your middle finger gently rests on top of the toenail of the middle toe.

When transitioning to the next toe, always slide your thumb first to get into the next position, in order to maintain contact with the client’s foot.

– Move towards the fourth toe – first with your thumb sliding towards it from below, maintaining contact with the client’s foot, and then move your ring finger to rest on top of client’s fourth toenail.

– Move towards the little toe – first with your thumb sliding towards it from below, maintaining contact with the client’s foot, and then move your little finger to rest on top of client’s toenail of the little toe.

– Move towards the second toe – first with your thumb sliding towards it from below, maintaining contact with the client’s foot, and then move your index finger to rest on top of client’s toenail of the second toe.

– Move towards the big toe – first with your thumb sliding towards it from below, maintaining contact with the client’s foot, and then place your index finger AND your middle finger on top the client’s big toe. You will be holding important acupressure points – the first point of the Spleen meridian, and the first point of the Liver meridian. If you want to learn about all the points and their incredibly poetic names, have a look at this meridian chart.

accupresure points and meridian chart 2

Get Your Own Massage Table

Soon after starting my course, I realized what big difference it was to have these procedures done on a proper massage table (as in our class), compared with a sofa or bed. They always felt either too soft, or one’s head started hurting within the first ten seconds from having it on the side or buried in the pillow, half-suffocated.

So I decided to get an affordable massage table, ideally a lightweight portable massage table, in the hope that my husband would agree to take on the role of my personal massage therapist.

I looked for the best massage bed around £100 and having compared a number of reviews, I opted for a table with stainless steel legs. adjustable height and manageable weight, similar to this one:

massage table with stainless steel legs

I hope that you will try these techniques and enjoy all the benefits. It is definitely worth (and fun!) learning them, treating your friends and having yourself treated by them. There is no such feeling as lying on the tablke after a deep massage, with that lovely floating feeling. I hope you’ll get to experience these ‘missions to outer space’ soon!

Any questions or comments about massage , relaxation techniques or massage tables are very welcome – just leave a comment below!


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