The Benefits of Working with Meridians

Having worked with the body’s electromagnetic energies for several years now, I am still in awe about the fact that we can reach to each meridian for help with many different aspects of our life.

Meridians are channels of energy that feed specific organs in our body and influence our health and the way we feel. They are also visible to people who can see energies.

According to ancient Chinese wisdom, each meridian is associated with different aspects of our emotions, from fear or anger to joy and deep peace.

Emotion is ultimately energy in motion. Energies in our body can often get blocked or become stagnant which will manifest through feeling bad or becoming ill.

The good news is that we can balance the whole spectrum of emotions by working with each meridian. This, in return, will positively impact our physical health.

What I have observed is that regular work with meridians will soon start manifesting in one’s life by improved well-being on multiple levels.

Meridian Wheel

In August 2022 I released a track called ‘Meridian Wheel – Affirmations’ that contains affirmations linked to each meridian in our body.

I named this track Meridian Wheel because throughout the 24-hour cycle, each of the meridians will be at its peak for 2 hours at a specific time. For example, Spleen is at its peak from 9 am to 11 am, or Heart from 11 am to 1 pm.

Tracking or Visualising

This track can be approached in several ways. It can be listened to while tracing the meridians with your hands, with eyes closed or opened, or lying down while visualising the meridian flow. If you are not familiar with the meridian pathways, it’s not a problem at all – simply tune in to the essence of each meridian and internalise the affirmations.

I hope you enjoy the track which is available on Bandcamp. It can be streamed for free, or downloaded for a symbolical price.

I have downloaded the track in my phone’s files, so I can listen to it offline every morning while doing my energy medicine routine. 

Thank you for listening and please let me know your impressions in the comments below. Infinite blessings!




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