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I am a Year 2 student of the Eden method Certification Programme. I am aiming to become an EEMCP later this year (2023). 

I already see clients at my setting called Equilibrium Energies, and, as a student in training, I offer 90-minute sessions for £40 per session. 

I do not diagnose or treat illness (neither do any certified Eden Method practitioners). I work together with my clients to help them optimize the flow of energy in their body, which, in time, may result in gaining more vitality, feeling more energised, emotionally resilient, and having stronger immunity. 

The ultimate aim of my sessions is to empower my clients to be in better charge of their health. I respect Western medicine, and never tell my clients to avoid it. Instead, I believe that complementary modalities such as Eden Method can be a great tool for everyday self-care, which can co-exist with modern medicine’s approaches.

There are many simple techniques to achieve a better state of balance. In my sessions, I teach my clients these tools and encourage them to use them on a daily basis.

I would like my clients to understand that the journey towards better health requires their active involvement and that just simply coming to a session is not likely to solve their issues.

However, everyone is welcome to have a session with me, even if it is just a one-off visit. I will first assess the flow of my client’s energies with a set of muscle tests adapted from kinesiology.

The remainder of the session consists of a relaxing treatment, which includes gentle massage or rocking the body, and pressing or holding various acupressure points. My clients sometimes drift into a light sleep during these relaxing protocols.

If you are interested in a session, or would like to ask as a question, you can email me at: lucinka77@yahoo.co.uk

If you’d rather have a session with a fully certified Eden Method practitioner,  you can visit a directory of Certified Eden Method Practitioners at: https://practitioner.edenmethod.com/.



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May Your Mind, Body and Spirit Thrive. 


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