The following lines are selected entries from my Energy Medicine Journal, where I describe my experience with energy work. It’s nice to remember all those rewarding moments when I was able to help someone by applying various healing techniques. I hope you will find it useful as well.


Relieving a Cramp – Quickly!

I was woken up by a strong pain in my left foot – on the inside part. I could feel the muscles tightening and it was getting more and more painful. Then I suddenly remembered to use the Spindle Cells mechanism in the muscle.

I started lightly pinching the belly of the muscle, (in the direction of the muscle fibres) bringing the Spindle Cells closer together. This is supposed to send a signal to the brain, saying to the brain ‘This muscle is too tight! Please release it!’ And lo and behold; after just a few pinches, the pain has started to subside. The muscle was fully relaxed and pain-free in less than 10 seconds.

Easing Pain at the Side of the Neck

My husband complained about pain at the side of his neck. I checked the Eden Method diagram which shows the relationship of muscles and meridians, and found out that the muscle in the painful area is connected with the Kidney meridian. I sedated the Kidney meridian. I also used an additional technique called pain dispersing, for which I used a wooden brush and tapped the painful area.

To find how to sedate the Kidney meridian, visit my posts The Kidney Meridian, and  Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points. For pain dispersing and other useful pain-relief techniques, check my post 6 Non-Invasive Pain Rellief Techniques. 

A Surprisingly Fast Relief from Hay Fever

I was suffering from hayfever symptoms and decided to use some acupressure points to help me relieve the sneezing and all the other allergy symptoms. I was pressing and massaging an acupuncture point on my instep, (called Liver 3 – see the picture below) and after about a minute of doing so, the tingling in my nose, as well as the sneezing, suddenly stopped. My eyes stopped itching as well.

Liver 3 Acupoint

Liver 3

This image is the property of Miridia Acupuncture Technology.

Relief from Stomach Pain

I love good food, and sometimes I don’t know when to stop! That was the case one evening, when I had my third (!) helping of my husband’s delicious vegan risotto. And after that, a big handful of brazil nuts and several cacao truffles (which I can’t stop making as they are so addictive! You can check the recipe here..;) 

Anyway, enough about gluttony, and back to energy medicine. So that evening I went to bed feeling really heavy and with a belly ache, which was not surprising.  I decided to use acupressure to help me relieve the pain, and held Stomach sedating points. After 3 or 4 minutes, the heaviness and discomfort have eased from 9/10 to about 3/10. It was a fast and noticeable shift in the way I felt. I do recommend having this technique at hand when you get yourself in a similar situation! 

You can find the Stomach sedating technique here: Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points.

Relief from Menstrual Pain

One of my friends was suffering from menstrual pain, which involved lower back pain and pain in the groin area. She said she would normally use a painkiller, but didn’t have any with her. I decided to use specific acupressure points to calm (sedate) two meridians: Kidney and Liver. For the lower back pain, I sedated the Kidney meridian, and for the groin pain, I sedated the Liver meridian.

You can find the techniques here: Acupressure Strengthening and Sedating Points.

After sedating both meridians, which altogether took about 12 minutes, my friend’s face lit. She looked at me with slight disbelief, smiling, and said that the pain had subsided from intense to barely noticeable.

The Daily Energy Routine

Some of the energy medicine techniques that I use daily have been compiled into a set of simple exercises called the Daily Energy Routine. You can easily incorporate it into your day, and it will reward you with more energy, improved focus, better mood, and an increasingly stronger immune system.

I am happy to say that thanks to opractising this routine daily, I have been free from colds for more than four years now!

To learn the complete Daily Energy Routine, you can follow this lovely video by Eva Gold, an Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Faculty Member of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification Program in the U.S.


I would like to thank Donna Eden, the founder of Eden Method (an alternative healing modality thate merges ancient and modern healing techniques)  for giving us the Daily Energy Routiine. The Daily Energy Routine is a crucial component of her method and it has helped thousands who practice it daily to keep their health in balance.

Also, my big thanks go to Miridia Acupuncture Technology for developing the highly useful Points app.

Shares and Comments

I hope that you have enjoyed this post. Please feel free to share it with anyone you know that may find it helpful. And, if you’d like to share your experience or ask a question, just leave a comment further down this article. Be well!


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