Welcome to my site! My name is Lucie, and a large part of my life has been devoted to music, including playing live and extensively travelling.

From the very start of my life on the road I became aware that the joys of this lifestyle can well equal the challenges. Especially when it comes to trying to stay in a good shape physically and psychologically. 

So, in order to prevent ending up a wreck on all levels, I started to learn about ways to keep healthy and maintaining high levels of energy, and found out that the best way for me to do this was through a closer alignment with nature.



By alignment with nature I mean a few rather obvious things, such as balanced nutrition and sufficient exercise, but also a number of less known fields that I’ll be presenting here.

One of my most exciting discoveries of the year 2018 was the field of Energy Medicine, pioneered by an extraordinary woman, a renowned healer Donna Eden, who, after healing herself from Multiple Sclerosis in her late twenties, has dedicated herself to empowering people with the tools and techniques to heal themselves.

Her book Energy Medicine – Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality has had an incredible impact on my health and overall wellbeing, and this website is largely devoted to the health-restoring techniques based on the principles of Eden Energy Medicine.


I‘ve always loved to share ideas that have worked for me, especially when experiencing visible results, and I hope you will find the content of this website useful, especially when it comes to techniques for balancing energies and supporting a healthy immune system.

Feel free to check one of my blog posts where I describe some of these techniques I have learnt through Energy Medicine, such as several different pain relief methods, including back pain.

Or, a surprisigly easy technique to avert an approaching cold, which I have succesfuly used several times already.

On my Education page I list a number of online events / courses from the field of mind, body and spirit.

You can also have a glance through the Resources page, where I have listed a selection of books related to Energy Medicine and general wellbeing, as well as other tools that I have tried and found useful. The list of course starts with Donna’s classic! 

Last but not least, here is a video of the Daily Energy Routine, demonstrated by the ever charming Donna Eden herself. If you do this daily – it only takes about 5 minutes – you’ll soon notice considerable improvement in your overall energy levels, vitality, mental clarity and stronger immune system.

I’ve been very blessed to have met Donna in person, and I am thrilled to be able to learn from her about improving our health through working with our energies, and share that fascination knowledge with the world.

Thank you for visiting my site, and if you have any questions, feel free to email me at info@naturegrooves.com, I’ll be glad to hear from you.

Wishing you a great day!


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