This page contains a selection of inspirational books and audio downloads that I have read or listened to and which I would recommend. It also includes links to my favorite online stores that sell books and other media with the topic of health, personal development, spiritual wellbeing, and living a balanced life.

I hope that you will find this list useful and that you may discover something that resonates with you. These books and downloads also make nice presents. 

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Eckhart Tolle

An essential guide to spiritual realization and a state of constant, deep inner peace,  independent of your circumstances. This book can transform your thinking, teaching you to live in the present moment and liberate you from the negative patterns of your involuntary thoughts controlling your state of mind. 

“I keep Eckhart’s book at my bedside. I think it’s essential spiritual teaching. It’s one of the most valuable books I’ve ever read.”  Oprah Winfrey.

Order online:

The Power of Now (US) 

The Power of Now (UK) 


Also by the author:

Enlightened Relationships - Eckhart Tolle
Great Western classics - Eckhart Tolle
The joy of being - Eckhart Tolle
Becoming a teacher of presence - Eckhart Tolle
Transmuting suffering into peace - Eckhart Tolle
Bringing stillness into everyday life - Eckhart Tolle

For more titles by Eckhart Tolle, including audiobooks and DVDs with his talks and meditations, visit his page on Sounds True, his publisher’s site.

sounds true publishing
sounds true publishing
SOUNDS TRUE Publishing

Sounds True is a multimedia publishing company with the mission of disseminating spiritual wisdom. It offers transformational programs to help you live a balanced, joyful, and meaningful life. Amongst their authors are Donna Eden, Eckhart Tolle, Caroline Myss, Michael Bernard Beckwith, Wayne Dyer, or Marianne Williamson.

Visit Sounds True store

The Wim Hof method audio download

Wim has become known as “The Iceman” for his astounding physical feats, such as spending hours in freezing water and running barefoot marathons over deserts and ice fields. Yet his most remarkable achievement is not any record-breaking performance—it is the creation of a method that thousands of people have used to transform their lives.

In his gripping and passionate style, Wim shares his method and his story, including:
Breath—Wim’s unique practices to change your body chemistry, infuse yourself with energy, and focus your mind
Cold—Safe, controlled, shock-free practices for using cold exposure to enhance your cardiovascular system and awaken your body’s untapped strength
Mindset—Build your willpower, inner clarity, sensory awareness, and innate joyfulness in the miracle of living
Science—How users of this method have redefined what is medically possible in study after study
Health—True stories and testimonials from people using the method to overcome disease and chronic illness
Performance—Increase your endurance, improve recovery time, up your mental game, and more
Wim’s Story—Follow Wim’s inspiring personal journey of discovery, tragedy, and triumph
Spiritual Awakening—How breath, cold, and mindset can reveal the beauty of your soul

Available in a book, eBook, and CD or an audio download format

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better listen store
better listen publishing - logo

BetterListen! offer a large number of inspirational audio downloads divided into categories with the topics of health, wellness, relationships, psychology, philosophy, personal growth, spirituality, or science.

Featured authors include Thich Nhat Hanh, Ram Dass, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Marianne Williamson, Bernie Siegel, Jack Canfield, Mark Hyman, Bob Proctor, etc.

Visit BetterListen! store

STRESS LESS ACCOMPLISH MORE: Meditation for extraordinary performance

Emily Fletcher

Did you know that a brief meditation can offer rest that’s five times deeper than sleep? When you make time to practice the technique this book teaches, you’ll actually be more productive than if you took an hour-and-a-half nap or had a cup of coffee.

A leading expert in meditation for high performance, Emily Fletcher, author of Ziva Online meditation course, specifically developed the Z Technique for working people with busy lives. 

This is not just another meditation book –  In Stress Less, Accomplish More, Emily teaches a powerful combination of Mindfulness, Meditation, and Manifesting to improve your personal and professional performance, clarity, health, and sleep. You’ll learn how to cultivate Mindfulness through brief but powerful exercises that will help you stop wasting time stressing. Plus, you’ll get Manifesting tools to help you get crystal clear on your personal and professional goals for the future.

 “We meditate to get good at life, not to get good at meditation.”—Emily Fletcher


Order online:

Stress Less Accomplish More (US)

Stress Less Accomplish More (UK)

Read some fascinating facts about the life-changing meditation technique here.


Ziva blows all other meditation trainings away.

“I have tried other meditations. They served me well. I’ve also done Headspace and have taken a meditation course from a monk. But I felt the need to write and tell you: Ziva blows them ALL away.”

Chip Franks, CEO, JoeVolunteer


It’s like a shot of espresso without the anxious jitters and the crash.

“Before Ziva my blood pressure was 120/80, now it is consistently 90/60. I notice a huge energy boost about 45 minutes after I finish meditating. It’s like a shot of espresso without the anxious jitters and the crash. I now have the ability to complete complex problems and projects calmly and with more imagination, creativity and a greater ability to focus on and prioritize projects and problems. I now have “more time” even though the work hours are the same because I have less anxiety.”

Eric Stanton, Financial Tech


If I could prescribe ONE thing to every single patient who walks in my door it would be: Learn meditation.

“It will change your life. It literally re-wires the brain, calms the nervous system, and creates new neural pathways. Meditation has been shown on MRIs (see Harvard study) to shrink the amygdala, the part of the brain that “lights up” during the stress response. Meditation lowers stress hormones like adrenaline & cortisol, lowers blood pressure, decreases inflammation, increases focus.You can do it anywhere and it’s a very small chunk of time invested with MASSIVE results. There are zero side effects. You don’t need a prescription. Ziva gives you a great technique that is also dubbed as “lazy man’s meditation” for those who swear they can’t sit still or can’t get their mind still (like myself) These people need it MOST by the way. It’s the best money I’ve spent EVER.”

Elizabeth Burkholder, Nurse Practitioner


You can read about my personal experience with ZIVA meditation in my article The Physical and Psychological Benefits of Meditation.

Bliss Brain
BLISS BRAIN: The Neuroscience of Remodelling Your Brain for Resilience, Creativity, and Joy

Dawson Church, Ph.D.

Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to change itself, is the main theme of this book, where the renown EFT therapist Dawson Church presents intriguing evidence of this phenomenon. A regular meditation practice can lead to measurable changes in our brains, leading to more resilience, deep inner peace, and more joy in our lives. 

Dawnson Church’s research shows that during deep meditation, a number of highly pleasurable neurochemicals are released in our brains. One of them is anandamide, a neurotransmitter dubbed “the bliss molecule” because it produces very similar effects of THC (the active ingredient in cannabis). As we keep cultivating these pleasurable states, they eventually become traits. We won’t just feel happier temporarily; the changes will hard-wire into our brains, becoming stable and long-lasting.


Order online:

Bliss Brain

Once you’ve placed your order, you can access special bonuses here.

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MIND TO MATTER: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality

Dawson Church

In this fascinating book, Dawson Church, one of the leading figures in clinical EFT, discusses how the thoughts and energy fields we cultivate in our minds can affect our reality. The science in the book is illustrated by many authentic case histories of people who harnessed the power of the mind to create. The author presents intriguing studies of neuroscientists who have measured a specific brain wave formula that is linked to manifestation. This ‘flow state’ can be learned and applied by anyone, and this book is a perfect guide to achieve what one would previously consider unimaginable.

“I love this book…It is wonderful to see science catching up wih what the shamans and sages have always known!” Donna Eden

“This groundbreaking book presents the exciting new scientific evidence demonstrating that our thoughts have a direct impact on the world around us, and it shows us how to harness this knowledge for joyful and effective lives.” David Feinstein


Order online:

Mind to Matter (US)

Mind to Matter (UK)

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Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander
PROOF OF HEAVEN: A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife

Dr Eben Alexander

A fascinating book describing a life-changing near-death experience of a respected neurosurgeon.

Dr Eben Alexander’s near-death experience is the most astounding I have heard in more than four decades of studying this phenomenon. In my opinion, Dr Alexander is living proof of an afterlife.

Dr Raymond Moody, bestselling author of Life and Life

Dr Alexander’s neuroscience career taught him that near-death experiences are brain-based illusions, and yet his personal experience left him dumbstruck. His honest struggle to make sense of this unforgettable journey is a gripping story, unique in the literature of spiritual experiences that may well change how we understand our role in the universe.” 

Dr Bruce Greyson, Carlson Professor of Psychiatry and Neurobehavioral Sciences, University of Virginia School of Medicine


Find Proof of Heaven on Amazon UK / Amazon US / Amazon EU

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the code of extraordinary mind by vishen lakhiani

Vishen Lakhiani, Founder of Mindvalley

In his bestselling book, the visionary founder of the powerful learning platform Mindvalley, Vishen Lakhiani, shows us how to create new, non-conformist rules for our lives so we can achieve success on your own terms.

The book has inspired many, including US Open Tennis Champion Bianca Andreescu, who used the creative visualization method described in the book and won the US Open and the Canadian Open Championship against Serena Williams. (You can listen to the podcast with Vishen and Bianca here! 🙂

The legendary CEO Vishen is convinced that everything we know about the world is shaped by mind-conditioning and habit. A large number of people still live their lives based on limiting, outdated beliefs, and this mindset affects multiple aspects of their lives, including their financial situation, career, or relationships.

The Code of Extraordinary Mind teaches us how to remove these outdated ideas and start anew, helping us redefine our success, finding our life’s purpose, and experiencing personal fulfillment and happiness.

Order online:

The Code of Extraordinary Mind

limitless book by jim kwik

Jim Kwik

Jim Kwik is the world’s top brain coach and memory expert, who has taught memory techniques and learning strategies to thousands of people. His students include Will Smith, Jim Carrey, Oprah Winfrey, or Richard Branson.

As a child, Jim suffered a head injury which left him with learning difficulties, especially in the area of memory and reading. He was called by one of his teachers ‘The boy with the broken brain’. However, he decided to perceive his misfortune as a challenge, and developed a learning method – a method not for what to learn, but how to learn. 

Jim is presenting his learning methods and strategies in this bestselling book. Limitless has been called ‘the owner’s manual for mental expansion and brain fitness’. The book presents the reader with the ability to accomplish more in multiple areas of their lives: Productivity, personal success, improved financial situation, and much more.

To achieve this, Jim teaches us the importance of the “3 Ms” – Harnessing your Mindset, igniting your Motivation, and mastering the Methods. The book is full of practical tips and techniques related to these principles, and if you apply them into your daily life you’ll soon experience remarkable results.

Jim Kwik has been teaching his highly effective memory-improving techniques for nearly 40 years. If you have ever seen Jim live, you know that he can memorise over one hundred names or numbers and repeat them backward. Jim always says that he doesn’t do this to show off but to demonstrate that if a ‘boy with a broken brain’ could, then everyone else can dramatically improve their cognitive abilities. These techniques are now finally compiled in Jim’s book Limitless.

You can read the first few chapters for free in Amazon’s ‘Look Inside’ section. It includes the moving story of his childhood.

Order online:



Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph.D.

A classic in the field of Energy Medicine, inspired by the wisdom of ancient healing systems, as well as the most contemporary techniques for optimising your health.
This book contains everything you want to know about your body’s energy systems, and offers powerful ways of restoring, maintaining and improving your physical, psychological and spiritual wellbeing.

Order online:

Energy Medicine (UK) 

Energy Medicine (US)


Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph.D.

Another Energy Medicine classic – not an overstatement to refer to it as women’s Health Bible!

This book truly uncovers the mystery of women’s energies, offering invaluable health guidance for every woman. It is full of empowering tools for self-healing, addressing common and often problematic issues such as pre-menstrual tension and hormonal imbalance. It provides deep guidance on how to fully align with one’s sexuality, pregnancy and birth, and opens the gates to unleashing the goddess inside. 

Order online:

Energy Medicine for women (UK) 

Energy Medicine for women (US)


Donna Eden with David Feinstein, Ph.D.

A powerful guide to using energy medicine to heal and strengthen romantic relationships. Donna and David, who have been married for more than 40 years, explain how an understanding of your and you partner’s energy system can create an extremely harmonious and loving bond.


Order online:

The Energies of Love (UK)

The Energies of Love (US)


Donna Eden

The Energy Medicine Kit contains: 

  • A 28-page booklet describing the fundamentals of energy medicine
  • 43 photo-illustrated Energy Medicine Cards
  • A DVD with demonstrations of methods of energy medicine, including 15 restorative exercises
  • An audio CD that guides you through 21 more techniques for specific conditions
  • A one-inch cut glass crystal for chakra balancing

Order online:

The Energy Medicine Kit (UK) 

The Energy Medicine Kit (US)

THE HEALING POWER OF ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY: Tap into your body’s energy to change your life for the better

David Feinstein, Donna Eden & Gary Craig

This groundbreaking book introduces us to the power of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) through the use of tapping on specific meridian points. This causes shifts in body’s subtle energies and changes in the brain’s neural pathways, which often have a profound, positive impact on our physical health, emotional patterns and previously uncontrollable states of mind, leading to more joy and sense of wellbeing in many areas, and reducing – or sometimes even completely healing – anxiety, various forms of traumas and phobias.


Order online:

The Healing Power of Energy Psychology (UK)

The Healing Power of Energy Psychology (US)


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the hidden messages in water by masaru emoto

Dr. Masaru Emoto

This fascinating book reveals how molecules of water can react to energy, including our thoughts, feelings, intentions, and words. Using high-speed photography, Dr. Masaru Emoto has observed crystals formed in frozen water and showing changes when specific thoughts are directed toward them. He found that water from clear natural sources and water that has been exposed to loving thoughts or words forms beautiful and complex snowflake patterns.

On the other hand, polluted water, as well as water exposed to negative thoughts, tends to form incomplete, disrupted patterns of dull colors. Dr. Emoto’s research’s primary aim is to call for a more respectful and loving approach to the earth and our own body, which consists of about 60% water.


Order online:

The Hidden Messages in Water

Learn about PiMag Water filtration system

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A beautifully illustrated, incredibly detailed study / reference guide for every Energy Medicine practitioner and acupressure/acupuncture therapist, or student of these disciplines.

This foldable laminated pamphlet is full of clearly labelled diagrams which show every single acupressure point on our body. These points connect into 14 meridian pathways which are also labelled. An invaluable study guide for learning to correctly trace meridians or access specific acupressure points with great precision.

The tri-fold, 6-page chart is hole-punched, fitting perfectly in a 3-ring binder, which makes it convenient for carrying around.

Illustrations by award-winning medical illustrator Vince Perez.

Dimensions: 21.6 x 27.9 x 0.2 cm / 8.5 x 11 x 0.1 inches


Order online:

Laminated acupressure points chart (US)

Laminated acupressure points chart (UK)

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