The increasingly popular discipline in the field of healthcare, Energy Medicine, is based on the fact that our bodies are composed of a large grid of energies. This is a platform that exists beyond the world of tangibility; however, its manifestations are clearer than daylight. When we switch on a lamp, we are aware of the presence of electricity; when we feel a sharp pain, we know that the unpleasant sensation is a combination of inner forces, either bio-chemical or electromagnetic reactions.

The Chief Practitioner

Our organisms and their functions are also based on flow of invisible, yet measurable energies, which affect the way we feel and think. If we recognise this, we are on a good path towards maintaining and even improving our energy levels, our health and overall wellbeing.

It is exciting and empowering to discover that the chief practitioner of Energy Medicine is the one who inhabits the body cared for – YOU. If you use principles of this blend of ancient Chinese medicine, kinesiology and acupressure, you will be able to influence your own body’s inherent capabilities to heal itself, prevent illness, and gain a new zest for life, which will reflect on many levels of your life. While Energy Medicine doesn’t diagnose or cure illness in the traditional Western medicine way, it works with subtle energies of the body, which can strengthen our immunity, prevent illness and on many occasions, cause natural healing process.

Managing seemingly uncontrollable forces

With applied Energy Medicine, you will master the art of acquiring new stamina, vitality and clarity of thinking. You’ll be able to minimise the harmful effects of stress and anxiety, and, on top of that, control your moods. Managing our states of mind is one of the most important tools in life that one can ever hold, and you be amazed how quickly it is possible to get on top of the seemingly uncontrollable force that often dictates our states and can bring us well down, sometimes to a point of self-destructive thoughts or acts.

What’s more, you can soon use what you have learned to improve the wellbeing of other people, which rewards you with a sense of purpose and meaning. To personally grow and contribute is one of the main human needs in the spiritual field, and what can be more meaningful that contributing by helping someone feel better or even regain health?


Learning a new language

When we learn about Energy Medicine, we are in fact learning something that our unfathomably intelligent body already understands. It is comparable to learning a new language – in this case, the language of energy. Our lifestyle, due to our drastically changing industrialised environment, has become considerably alienated from the natural rhythm of nature, so in order to stay healthy and balanced, it is twice as much important to live in conscious harmony with one’s own energy systems. Our bodies have been evolving over millions of years, so from this perspective it is only a fraction of time we have lived in the high technology-driven world we know today. It is quite a task for our bodies, designed to live in the wilderness, to adjust to such a rapid change.

Having said this, our energy system is extremely intelligent and adaptable. Every second, every heartbeat, it manages millions of biochemical processes in our body, most of which we don’t have a clue. We take for granted that we are breathing, digesting and metabolising, that our heart beats, that our eyes blink. Our mind is – fortunately! – not required to understand, let alone manage this incredible, mysteriously interwoven process of the functions of our body which keeps us alive.

On a high alert – 24/7

However, it is obvious our bodies are trying hard to adapt to the environment we did not evolve for. While our immune system protects us from a large number of invisible invaders, it often struggles with tacking unnatural particles, such as artificial chemicals in processed foods, exhaust fumes pollution, or men-made electromagnetic radiation. Our immune system is thus on continuous high alert, with hardly getting a break. This, of course, drains our energy and makes us prone to illnesses such as cancer, mental disorders or depression much more than in our distant past.

Our modern lifestyle also means that due to stress we are often on a verge of ‘fight-or-flight’ response, an age-old instinct, which we don’t utilise enough (e.g. due to lack of predators we have to flee from), and therefore we’re almost constantly in a kind of heightened state which we don’t know how to release properly. 

Fleeing the beasts of the modern times

This natural, life-saving response of the body is, of course, brilliant, however, it was not designed for modern-day stress management, therefore our body’s energy intelligence is dealing with a tough task indeed; when our computer crashes or when we have a family row, our body still uses the same mighty techniques for fleeing a prehistorical beast.

That means that we symbolically flee those beasts daily, and this puts our body, which thinks we need to save our lives instead of just reboot a laptop, under a massive, unnecessary strain. This then inevitably results in a weakened immune system and being prone to illnesses. 

Software update

It is clear that to a large extent we are out of resonance with our current environment. If we want to keep healthy and feeling great, we have to become more aware of our own body’s energy systems, and actively take part in the evolution of our energy patterns. This is a perfect opportunity to involve our intellect – yes, we can help our already breathtakingly intelligent bodies become healthier and more harmonious. In a way, it is like updating our body energy software, which will function better in the modern world. 

A pioneer of Energy Medicine


While already aware and fascinated by the science of Energy Medicine, when I came across a book by an internationally acclaimed Energy Medicine practitioner, Donna Eden, it felt as if a treasure box of knowledge in this field had truly opened for me. I have learnt about countless techniques which one can use to mobilise health-enhancing inner energies, strengthen one’s immunity, and empower your mind by being able to control its whims.

Donna Eden has been teaching people to understand the amazing energy system of the body for many years. She does this with incredible passion, because through using these techniques, she managed to heal herself from Multiple Sclerosis. She was told by several doctors that she would not live long (this was in her twenties) and she was advised to ‘put her affairs in order’.

Interestingly enough, when her doctor presented her with this death sentence, she didn’t give in to despair (especially because she had two young daughters!) but instead came to the following conclusion – ‘Well, if the doctors can’t heal me, I’ll have to do it..!’

And she did.

Using her own energies, which she can see (she was born with this ability), it took her about a year to recover from Multiple Sclerosis and a number of other health challenges, including asthma and some serious allergies.

After this incredible healing experience, she embarked on a life-mission to help others to take their health into their own hands.

Although she can see energies, (including systems mapped in ancient times such as meridians and chakras) she insist that everyone can learn energy healing, and empowers others with simple but powerful techniques that don’t require any clairvoyant ability at all.

She has been teaching Energy Medicine or over forty years. Many of Donna’s students are physicians, nurses, and other mainstream health professionals. She has been a consultant or guest speaker in numerous universities, hospitals, and corporations.

As a practitioner, she has worked in both traditional and alternative health-care settings and written several books, one of which, which I’d highly recommend, is the all-time classic in the vibrational medicine field,  Energy Medicine – Balancing Your Body’s Energy for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality.

I feel incredibly lucky to have met Donna personally – she is one of the most radiant beings I have ever met.

I do recommend watching Donna’s demonstration of the Daily Energy Routine, a set of exercises which she carefully selected after many years’ observation of their high effectiveness.  It is one of the best gifts you could give to your body, and if you incorporate it into your daily routine, it will reward you with increased energy levels, more vitality, mental clarity and stronger immune system. Good bye, colds!

In the following video, Donna and David offer advice about keeping your immunity strong especially during major viral outbreaks. Donna demonstrates a number of immunity-boosting tips you can do ‘on the go’, so check it out and ideally share it with others.


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