We all know what it is to feel when things are out of our control, especially when it comes to infectious diseases. It is thus crucial we take responsibility for our health and keep our immune system strong (or start working on it). This can easily be done at home or on the go. I’ve been exploring the field of energy medicine for some time, and I’m happy to say that practicing it daily has caused a remarkable improvement in my health.

I used to get colds at least every three months, but since I’ve started practicing energy medicine my immunity got much stronger, and I haven’t had a cold for more than four years (which still fills me – an old ‘hypochondriac’ – with considerable disbelief).

A few tips for strengthening your immunity:

1) Do the Daily Energy Routine (or parts of it) daily – it only takes a few minutes.

The Daily Energy Routine is a set of simple but powerful exercises by the legendary healer Donna Eden, the founder of Eden Energy Medicine. She was born with the ability to see energies and as she learned to work with her energy systems, she managed to heal herself from a number of serious conditions including Multiple Sclerosis. She has taught thousands of people how to empower themselves by using their own energy to heal themselves and stay healthy.

I met Donna Eden and her husband, clinical psychologist David Feinstein in 2019. I highly admire their work. I’ve just completed Year 2 of the Eden Energy Medicine Certification program and I’d love everyone to learn about these great healing and self-healing tools. The Daily Energy Routine is one of them.

Each of the exercises in the Daily Energy Routine is designed to balance and strengthen specific energetic systems in your body, leading to greater resilience, the ability to fight illness, and feeling better in general.

Follow the steps in Donna Eden’s video and see how you feel after going through the exercises.

Below is an outline of the main points from this video. It is best to watch the video first and use these points as a reference afterwards.



i) Cheekbones – grounding

ii) Collarbone – vitality

iii) Thymus – immune system

iv) Ribcage under breasts – metabolizing

2. THE CROSSOVER SHOULDER PULL – gives you energy, clarity of mind, supports healing

3. THE CROSS CRAWL – harmonizes energy patterns, helps the brain to function better

4. THE WAYNE COOK POSTURE – helps to stabilise emotions and improves focus

5. THE CROWN PULL – supports the flow of the cerebrospinal fluid, brings fresh energy into your head, good against headaches

6. CONNECTING HEAVEN AND EARTH – sends healing energies through your body, sends out built-up toxins

7. THE ZIP UP – strengthens your energetic field, protects against negative energies

8. THE HOOK UP – connects the central and governing meridians (at the front and back of your body) which creates a strong force, sending spiraling energy around the body and positively affecting all your energy systems. This simple exercise can sometimes stop a seizure. (Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, pg 99)

Note: During each exercise breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth

2) Try some of the exercises specifically targeted for the current situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic. In this video, Donna Eden and David Feinstein present several powerful immunity-boosting tools you can do absolutely anywhere. Check it out and ideally share it with others!

Once again, watch the video first and use these points as a further reference.


1. THUMP YOUR THYMUS – to boost your immunity

2. MASSAGE THE POINTS UNDER YOUR KNEES (the ‘Stomach 36’ acupressure points) to stimulate nurturing energy and strengthen your immunity

3. MASSAGE YOUR NEUROLYMPHATIC REFLEX POINTS to help the lymph flow and remove toxins. These points can be found at multiple locations:

at the seams of your arms (to move toxins out of the body)

all around your chest (to move congestion out of your lungs)

on the sternum (to help overcome illnesses and give you vitality)

under your breast (for the stomach and liver reflex points)

under the ribcage (massaging your spleen reflex points is particularly beneficial for your immune system)

under the ribcage (all along) – the small intestine reflex points are also very important for your immunity

an inch above the belly button, and an inch to each side (adrenal reflex points, great against stress and too much adrenalin)

the sides of your thigh (outside: Large intestine reflex points / Inside: Small intestine reflex points)

go down the side of your spine and massage all the neurolymphatic points (‘The Spinal Flush’). This is extremely cleansing and rejuvenating.

4. THE HOOK UP – connects front and back meridians which strengthens your aura and protects you against negative energies.

5. HOLD SPLEEN MERIDIAN ACUPRESSURE POINTS (follow Donna’s instructions in the video)

First pair: 2-3 minutes (do this twice – first  on one side of your body, then on the other)

Second pair: 1 – 2 minutes (again, hold the points on both sides of the body – with this pair, it’s is easy to hold both sides in one go)

Holding these points strengthens your immune system and can also generate more inner joy.


Drop two inches below your belly button and press all your fingers into the area. There is an energy center called the Lower Dantian, and holding it calms fear and panic.

A follow-up on the immunity-boosting video above, with additional tips and exercises. 


1. MASSAGE THE TRIPLE WARMER POINT (see instructions at 0:45) to mobilise the protective force of this meridian in the optimal way

2. MASSAGE NEUROLYMPATICREFLEX  POINTS (Kidney 27 – under your collarbone corners – see 1:52) – to help kidneys function well, help all the other meridians flow in the right direction

3. ‘RAKE’ YOUR NEUROLYMPHATIC REFLEX POINTS around the lung area to help them work well

4. DO STRETCHING EXERCISES e.g. the Ileocecal and Houston valves (3:10) – to help valves in your body open and keep poisons moving out of your body

5. BREATHE DEEP (especially on the out-breah)

6. STRETCH YOUR MOUTH WITH STAINLESS STEEL SPOON – to activate important meridians (4:19)

7. KEEP TAKING VITAMIN C to keep your immune system strong.

Please watch the videos and do the techniques that resonate with you. Having a strong and healthy immune system is one of the best things you can do to stay healthy during this time.

3) Try meditation! I swear by it and can’t recommend it enough. I was introduced to meditation (perhaps rather surprisingly) by ‘The God of Hell Fire’ Arthur Brown. If you’ve ever seen him on stage and wondered where he gets all that crazy energy, I can tell you – after my own experience – that this might well have something to do with it. Meditation is proven to give you more energy, strengthen your immunity, decrease your stress levels, improve your sleep, making you more creative, and much more.

See my article about the numerous benefits of meditation, where I share my own experience with regular meditation practice. If you are a busy person, it is exactly the right thing for you, because it will actually create more time in your day. You’ll find out for yourself as soon as you start practicing it regularly. Together with Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine, it’s one of the best things you could be doing for your immune system.


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