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Every one of us has experienced some form of short-term back pain, but for some of us, it is an ongoing, persistent problem. This article offers a number of tips on how to relieve chronic back pain and hopefully eliminate it.

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1) Using Magnets for Pain Relief

Magnets can be very effective tools for back pain relief, if used correctly. They have been successfully used by medical practitioners all over the world. They are frequently used in Chinese medicine, various forms of holistic therapy, and they becoming increasingly popular in Western medicine as well.

There’s no magic behind their successful use, just pure physics: Magnets have electromagnetic fields around them, which you can easily see when you place them near particles of metal. A shape depicting the magnetic field will immediately appear.

magnetic fields

Given the fact that we are also electromagnetic beings – we are made of energy like everything else in this universe – magnets can influence the flow of our energy.

If we suffer from pain, which often means there is over-accumulated, stuck energy in our body, the North polarity of the magnet can draw the excess energy towards itself, thus alleviate our pain.

Vice versa, if we need to improve our circulation or speed up the repair of a broken bone, we can use the South polarity of a magnet, which disperses and amplifies energy.

It is very important to use the correct side (polarity) of a magnet according to our condition. For pain, we generally use the North polarity.

round silver colored analog watch next to compass

You can test a magnet’s polarity with a compass. The North polarity of a magnet is always south-seeking, so if you place one side of a magnet near a compass and see the south end of the magnetic needle (usually painted white) being attracted by it, it means that you are pointing the magnet’s North polarity to the compass.

Keep moving your magnet around the compass to make the needle follow it, so you can be double-sure about the correct polarity. If you’re pointing the Soth polarity of a magnet towards your compass, the north end of the magnetic needle (usually painted red) will turn towards it.

You can mark the North side of your magnet, e.g. by engraving ‘N’ into it, or using a nail varnish to mark it. Once you know which side of the magnet is the North polarity, you can use it for pain relief.

According to rules of Eden Energy Medicine (which I study), the North side of a magnet should not be attached to your body for longer than twelve hours.Whenere you feel hat the pain has gone, you should remove the magnet.

With the South polarity (which is amplifying energy and stimulating growth) the magnet should be on the body for much shorter time – 30 minutes only. This is because if someone has a cancerous growth and keeps a South polarity of a magnet near it for long, it could encourage the cancer cells to grow.

As this post is about pain relief, I’ll be concentrating on the North Polarity (South-seeking side of the magnet).

What Kind of Magnet is Safe to Use?

The magnet should be quite weak. Magnets that are stronger than 1000 Gauss could be harmful to your system.

You can get safe and still very effective magnets in Chinese medicine stores or on the internet. Amazon sells a set of therapeutic magnets which I have personally tried and can recommend:

Magnetic Acupressure Patches 600 Gauss 30 Magnets 30 Replacement Adhesives Kit Magnet Therapy

small magnets for pain relief
small magnet for pain relief

To use, apply the plaster with the magnet on the area of strained or pulled muscles – for example, stiff shoulder, upper or lower back, around the knee etc.

I recommend reading customers’ reviews so you can see that these tiny magnets can be very effective for pain relief.

Back Up by Nada Chair

2) Supporting Your Back

Maintaining a correct posture is crucial for preventing back pain, but it is not easy to always remember to stand or sit straight. Fortunately, there are devices that can provide support for the back, and at the same time alleviate pain caused by stress or incorrect posture.

Back-Up: A Simple Device for Back Pain Relief

There was a period when I suffered from quite intensive back pain – mainly in the gigging season when I used to carry my keyboard and amplifier around frequently. The pain would often last for days.

A discovery of that year was an inconspicuous, but surprisingly effective  device called ‘Back-Up’, made by a company ‘Nada Chair’, who, as I later found out, holds the World Chiropractic Alliance’s endorsement, and quite rightly!

This deceptively simple accessory provides great support for lower back, helps maintain correct posture and eases the general strain on the back.

Back Up back support by Nada Chair

It is easy to use: You just strap it around your knees and lower back. This creates stable back support and often provides immediate relief from the pain. And although it is strapped around your lower back, it can reduce pain in both the lower and upper back.

It is a highly effective device for anyone with chronic back pain or strained back muscles, pregnant women, people who spend long hours sitting or driving.

It has even been used by NASA astronauts because of its ability to decrease back pain caused by microgravity.

I remember carrying it everywhere. It folds into a pouch, so it’s easily portable and fits into a small shoulder bag. I would even take it with me when visiting friends and use it while chilling on the sofa. Needless to say, it quickly became a hit amongst all the back-pain sufferers.

In my case, after about a week of daily use my back pain subsided.

I do recommend giving Back-Up a go. Apart from all the mentioned benefits, it’s also quite fun wearing it – you can shorten or lengthen the straps as you want, and the more you shorten it, the more you can ‘swing’ in it!

3) Using Back Massagers

A good-quality back massager can provide considerable relief of your back pain without the side effects of medication. They must not be used on slipped discs or any type of injury that may worsen by external pressure, but they are ideal for chronic back pain or aches caused by strained muscles or stress.

A back massager will reduce your back pain by:

– stimulating the skin, muscles and ligaments and encouraging healthy blood flow into the area

– relaxing stiff and tightened back muscles

– dispersing stuck energy (which is often a major cause of pain)

What Type of Massager Is the Best?

There are plenty of variations of back massagers on the market, so it is a good idea to take some time to decide which one would be suitable for your specific needs. The most popular and effective are hand-held massagers and massager chairs.

I have both a hand-held massager and a massage chair, because both types have their own advantages.

backnobber hand-held massaging device

The Backnobber

One of my best discoveries in terms of hand-held massage devices has been an S-shaped tool called The Original Backnobber II. Despite its funny name, it is one of the best tools for self-massage. It is designed for deep muscle therapy and it surely does its job. I always take it with me in the car when I have a long drive ahead of me and use it during my breaks. Stimulating my back muscles makes me less tired and prevents my back from becoming stiff after the drive.

The Backnobber is very easy to use: You simply hook this S-shaped tool over your shoulder, or sideways (to reach your lower back), and use it as a leverage to apply deep pressure the points of your choice, mainly in the muscles of the neck, shoulders or back.

backnobber hand-held massaging device

I tend to use the smaller end for hanging over my shoulder, and the larger end for reaching the muscles f my lower back (reaching these points from the side).

It’s quite incredible how much healthy pressure can be achieved by gentle pushing against the device. The type of pressure that would make a massage therapist’s knuckles sore can be done by you with almost zero effort.

When you are reaching your muscles from the side, you can start at the top and then continue all the way down your spine. Do this from both sides. You will be pressing a large number of important acupressure points that affect various systems in your body and clear out toxins by making the lymph flow more easily.

backnobber hand-held massaging device

My favourite way of using the Backnobber is lying down on my back and sliding the ‘snake’ under my back. Then I just gently push down the top part and can feel a nice deep pressure. This is one of the most effective ways to clear toxins from your body and release stale energy. You’ll notice your mood lifting up as well.

The Backnobber can be helpful in many situations. Not only do I use it after long drives, but also after vacuuming the house or gardening. As soon as my back muscles get a bit stiff and achy, I reach for this massager and target the affected area.

The practical feature of splitting the device into two makes it easy to carry around. (You can do so by pressing the button in the middle.)

Watch the manufacturer’s video explaining how the device works and what the benefits are. And watch out for the skeleton in the background!

If you like the features of The Original Backnobber II, and think you may find it useful, try it out and let me know in the comments under this post how it’s working for you and what your favourite techniques are.

Percussive Therapy Massager

If you’re looking for a mains-powered held-held device than I’d highly recommend getting a percussive-therapy massager. Percussion is more powerful and effective than just ordinary vibration. The difference between percussive and vibration massage therapy is that percussive therapy can reach about 60% deeper into the muscle than the standard vibration massagers.

The device I have and can fully recommend is called Andvari handheld deep percussion hammer massager.

Andvari handheld percussion massager

The reason why I like this gadget so much is thanks to its following features:

– Variable speed and intensity. The massaging can get quite intense, especially at the muscles near your spine. However, you can always ease the action up by sliding the adjustable speed slider to a lower speed.

– Ergonomic design: It feels really comfortable to hold because of its shape, and also to its non-slip rubber handle.

– The weight. The device is quite light, yet still capable of a deep, powerful massage.

– The power. The motor of the massager is powered by 25-watts, so you can expect a really deep treatment.

– The percussion feature.

–  Removable and interchangeable nodes. The massager comes with three sets of removable nodes, so you can chose what feels most comfortable to you.

Andvari handheld percussion massager

You’ll enjoy the massager most if you have someone who can slowly run it down your back (with your spine in the middle of the two nodes) while you are lying down and fully relaxing.

However, you can also use it by yourself if you hold it over your shoulder and massage the parts of your back that you can reach.

Andvari handheld percussion massager

Spinal Flush

Andvari massager is perfect for a back-massaging technique used in Energy Medicine. It’s called Spinal Flush, and it’s incredibly relaxing and rejuvenating. Check my article Two Simple Techniques for Deep Relaxation where I describe the procedure, and where you can watch Donna Eden and David Feinstein demonstrating the technique in a video called  ‘How to Connect with Your Partner Using Energy medicine‘.

Apart from using it for the Spinal Flush and all other back massage techniques, you can also use the percussion massager for shoulder, leg, foot, and neck massage.

I’ve been using it every time my back feels tired or sore and the machine always provides me with great relief and feeling of deep relaxation. I highly recommend it. 

Easy Lounge Shiatsu Massaging Lounge Chair

Massage Chair

If you like a complex, luxurious style of massage with a number of massaging variations, optional vibration, and heat, a massage chair is an answer. I have a massage chair from Homedics and it’s a hit with every visitor of ours.

Most Homedics massage chairs offer several functions such as kneading shiatsu massage, or tapping percussion. You can usually select your own massage style, or have a pre-programmed massaging variation.

Perfect Touch Masseuse App-Controlled Massage Cushion with Heat by Homedics

You can get a deep neck, shoulder and back massage, and select from several different massage zones and spots, with optional heat function. 

   Gentle Touch Gel Deluxe Shiatsu Massage Cushion with Soothing Heat

You can choose from a wide range of Homedics chairs here:

Wherever you prefer a hand-held massager or a massage chair, both types are highly beneficial for your health and, needless to say, they make brilliant gifts. (I can still remember my parents’ expression when they tried their first massage chair!)

4) Yoga and Stretching

I believe that regular yoga or general stretching practice may help with getting rid of chronic back pain altogether. I would recommend the following asanas and exercises:

The Cobra pose

Cobra pose in yoga

The Bridge Pose

bridge pose in yoga

The Candle Pose (Shoulder Stand)

candle pose in yoga

Downward Dog

downward dog pose in yoga

Connecting Heaven and Earth

donna eden connecting heaven and earth exercise

Connecting Heaven and Earth is an age-old practice that has been depicted in ancient texts. It is brilliant for easing back pain because it allows old energy to leave, whole filling the body with new energy, and offering a great stretch at the same time. You can see how it is done in this video of Donna Eden’s Daily Energy Routine. (You will find it from 6:44 onwards.)

5) Tapping

Tapping, or EFT, (an abbreviation for Emotional Freedom Techniques) has been proven to help with a large number of issues like stress, anxiety, fear, depression, anger, trauma, and phobias, but also with physical pain. It has been successfully used for treating both chronic, and acute back pain.

Although there are still many people who have never heard of it before, the effectiveness of EFT is helping to make it an increasingly popular and scientifically verified therapeutic method. Over 100 clinical trials of EFT have been published in peer-reviewed medical and psychology journals.

The Science Behind Tapping

Tapping is applied by tapping your fingertips on specific acupressure points on the body, through which a signal is sent to the areas of the brain that are in charge of the ‘fight or flight’ stress response. This process often allows the body to relax and heal from both emotional and physical issues.

The clinical psychologist David Feinstein, Ph.D. is one of the practitioners who has been using EFT for years, and with great results. He is the author of  The Healing Power of EFT & Energy Psychology, co-written with Donna Eden and Gary Craig, the original founder of EFT.

Another highly-respected researcher in this field of EFT is Dawson Church, Ph.D. He’s the author of a number of books about tapping, such as The EFT Manual, a book is based on Clinical EFT, a method validated in a large number of scientific studies.

Can EFT Help with Back Pain?

A large number of back pain sufferers who have been using EFT have reported quick shifts after using this technique. Through EFT, people suffering from pain can often identify the emotional root causes of their pain. It then helps them to make small adjustments, which often produces surprising results.

Apart from The EFT Manual, Dawson Church has also published EFT for Back Pain, a guide filled with the stories of many people who have experienced the benefits of tapping for their back pain and associated emotional problems. The book teaches the basics of EFT, and how to apply them.

eft for backpain by dawson church

Nick Ortner, an EFT expert and founder of The Tapping Solution’ is the author of the book The Tapping Solution for Pain Relief, which addresses many forms of pain, back pain included, and contains plenty of success stories. The book got endorsed by Tony Robbins with the following words:

“If you are in chronic pain, I suggest you choose this book and follow the programme inside. Nick’s results with helping people relieve chronic pain speak for themselves. It’s that simple.”

the tapping solution for pain relief

In this video, Nick Ortner talks about EFT for pain relief and demonstrates the tapping process. Check some of the comments below his video (on Youtube), where quite a few people have shared how it’s worked for them. It’s rather exciting to read these testimonials.

6) Use CBD – a Natural Compound of Hemp

CBD (cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in the cannabis (hemp) plant. Products made from CBD have been used to help people relieve pain, relieve stress and anxiety, and help with their sleep.

One of such products is the ‘Freeze Roll-On Pain Relief’ by ‘Just CBD’. The pain-relief cream is made with full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, which has been known for relieving pain and inflammation.

roll-on opain relief gel by just cbd

The ‘Freeze Roll-On’ cooling cream has a lot of positive reviews; below is a screenshot of the first few pages. (You can check all of them on the product’s page. )

You can find this roll-on as well as other pain relief creams and gels on the JUST CBD website, under ‘CBD Topicals’.

CBD-gel reviews
CBD-gel reviews
CBD-gel reviews
freeze roll on pain relief cream review

Let Me Know About Your Favourite Technique

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about the list of ideas for combating back pain. As I’m writing this, I’m wearing my ‘Back-Up’ back-support and enjoying the sensating of being able to relax and keep my back the straight and strong at the same time. I’m glad I could share my favourite devices with you here, and hope that you too might find them helpful.

If you’d like to share your experience, please leave a comment below. I’d be so happy to hear if any of these techniques have worked for you. I would also appreciate it if you let me know about any other effective techniques or gadgets that you have found effective.


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