In this review, I’ll be talking about the pros and cons of the Hangsun Percussion Massager. I have been using regularly for treating my muscles, especially in the back and shoulder areas. If you have been looking for the best handheld percussion massager, then keep on reading! I will also mention how to use it safely to prevent a possible unpleasant experience, and give you a special tip for a deep, highly enjoyable massage with multiple benefits for your health.

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hangsun percussion massager

Product: Hangsun Percussion Handheld Massager MG400

Available from: Amazon US / Amazon UK

Main Benefits: Pain Relief/Relaxation

Price: £24.99

Power Source: Corded Electric

Guarentee: 1-year

My Rating: 8.8 out of 10

Percussion Massagers

There’s nothing like fully unwinding and relaxing at the end of a long day with a deep massage. Although it’s not always possible to have a professional treatment by a physio, there are affordable and convenient ways to have a quality massage at home with either massage chairs or handheld devices. Among the most effective types are so-called percussion massagers, and the Hangsun Percussion Massager is one of the most highly rated ones.

The Difference Between Percussive and Vibration Massage

This device is called ‘Percussive Therapy Massager’ or ‘Deep Percussion Hammer Massager’. It is different from a standard vibration massager. So which of them is better? It is a matter of personal preference. Gentle vibration may be all you need to relax. However, if you like your muscles being massaged really deep, (especially your back muscles) then I’d recommend getting a percussive-therapy massager like Hangsun Percussion Massager because percussion is more powerful and effective than ordinary vibration. The real difference between percussive and vibration massage therapy is that percussive therapy can reach about 60% deeper into the muscle than the standard vibration massagers.

hangsun percussion massager

An Overview of Hangsun Percussion Massager

The Hangsun percussion massager is a mains-powered held-held device that is capable of a deep, restorative massage.

You can also use the percussion massager for a back, shoulder, leg, foot, and neck massage.

Main Features – Summary

  • Height: 16.9″/43cm; 

    Head width: 6.6″/16.5; Head depth: 5.3/13.4cm
  • Long power chord – 98″/249cm 
  • Dual head percussion
  • 3 removable and interchangeable nodes
  • Variable Speed Control
  • Ergomomic, lightweight design
  • 3500 pulses per minute
  • Stepless speed (can be regulated during without interruption)
  • Red light
hangsun percussion massager

Main Features – Highlights

A Powerful Motor

The massager produces incredible 3,500 pulses per minute, which guarantees a highly effective, deep, soothing massage, that can penetrate even a very stiff and tight muscle.  

hangsun percussion massager

Variable Speed Control

You can change the speed of the percussive action from moderately slow to a high-speed percussion. What I like about this feature is that this can be done without interruption while using the massager. Simply slide the button up or down, according to your preference.

hangsun percussion massager

Three Removable and Interchangeable Massage Nodes

This is one of my favourite features of the Hangsun massager: It comes with a set of three removable and interchangeable attachments/nodes, so you can customize your massage treatment by choosing the preferred type of a node.

You can choose from:

1) Original Massage Node – ideal for general whole-body massage.

2) Salient Point Massage Node – designed to focus on specific points, e.g. acupressure points.

3) Pillow Massage Node – brush-like attachment that can be used for stimulating your palms, feet, calves and other areas of your choice.

hangsun percussion massager

Dual Head Percussion

Having two massage nodes is more effective than a single head massager, especially when having a full-back, deep-tissue massage. 

hangsun percussion massager

Extra Long Power Cord

The 98-inch extra long power cord means you don’t have to limit yourself to having your massage near the ower supply, but get a great massage on the sofa or on your bed.

Andvari handheld percussion massager

How to Use a Percussion Massager

Place the massager on a required area. This should always be your muscles, never an area with bones. Unlike some other massagers, you don’t need to push the device down to make the massage deep and effective; the Hangsun percussion massager provides all the necessary force by just placing it on the body. 

The Best Areas to Massage

There are multiple areas you can treat with the Hangsun percussion massager, such as:

  • Neck and Shoulders (trapezius and deltoid muscles)
  • Upper and Centre of Back (rhomboids and latissimus dorsi muscles)
  • Arms (biceps, triceps & forearm muscles)
  • Lower Back and Buttocks (erector spinae and gluteus muscles)
  • Thighs (quadriceps, abductors and hamstrings)
  • Calves (soleus and gastrocnemius muscles)
  • Soles of your feet

A Special Tip for Massaging Your Back

If you don’t have anyone with you and want to massage your back, you can still use the massager by yourself: Just hold it over your shoulder and massage the parts of your back that you can reach.

However, you will benefit from the Hangsun massager most if you have someone who can slowly run it down your back (with your spine in the middle of the two nodes) while you are lying down on your belly and fully relaxing.

This technique is frequently used in Energy Medicine healing sessions, where it is called Spinal Flush. It is a highly relaxing and rejuvenating treatment, because it works with multiple neurolymphatic points, that, when stimulated, positively affect a number of organs and systems in the body.

You can check my article Two Simple Techniques for Deep Relaxation where I describe the procedure, and where you can watch Donna Eden and David Feinstein demonstrating the technique in a video called How to Connect with Your Partner Using Energy medicine.


Ergonomic Design and Light Weight

Thanks to its ergonomic shape and light weight, the massager is easy to use and comfortable to hold. The device is moderately light, yet still capable of a deep, powerful massage thanks to its powerful motor and the percussive feature. The three sets of interchangeable attachments is a huge plus as well.

Extremely Effective

I’ve been using it every time my back feels tired or sore and the machine always gives me a deep, soothing massage which results in the feeling of relief and deep relaxation. My husband loves it too, and we treat each other with the Hangsun almost on a daily basis. (Warning: It can get rather addictive!)

Very Affordable

Taking into consideration its power, effectiveness, and sleek, elegant design, I think the price is a complete bargain. I have purchased several of these because they will make great Christmas presents.


The Back Massage Requires Another Person to Hold the Device 


If you have a partner who can do the massage for you then it’s ideal, but if you don’t, you cannot fully enjoy a proper back massage. You can still reach behind your shoulders with it, but it’s impossible to have a full-length back treatment without someone holding the massager for you.


The Hangsun massager is not battery operated, so it’s not possible to use it outside or very far from a power source unless you have an extension. (However, the cord is long enough for comfortable use at home.)

Can Cause Pain if Used Improperly

The massaging can get quite intense, especially at the muscles near your spine. If you have a partner massaging your back, they have to be careful not to run the vibrating nodes into your spine or other bony areas such as your scapula. The percussive action is quite intense and contact with a bone can be painful.

I would recommend to always place the massager on the body before switching it on, otherwise it can start jumping about and hit a bone. Once in contact with the skin, you can always ease the action up by sliding the adjustable speed slider to a lower setting.


The Hangsun Percussive Therapy Massager is one of my favourite devices for deep musle treatment and it always makes me feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Based on its effectiveness, multiple features, and lovely design, I would personally recommend it.

However, this massager may not be ideal for people who like just a very gentle, vibrating massage. It’s also not suitable for the ones who prefer wireless devices.

If you are considering getting this massager, be extra careful about the correct use, especially during the first few times. It is a powerful device, and can cause pain if you use it carelessly and let it hit a bony area on your (or someone else’s) body.

hangsun percussion massager

Hangsun Percussion Handheld Massager MG400

Available at Amazon US / Amazon UK

Share Your Thoughts

I would also love to hear about your own experience with massagers. Have you been using a similar handheld device, or do you prefer massage chairs or a hands-on treatment? Let me know your thoughts or ask any questions in the comments below and I look forward to getting back to you soon. Take care!


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Hangsun Handheld Percussion Massager MG400









  • Capable of a powerful, highly effective massage
  • Ergonomically designed, pleasant to hold, not too heavy
  • Interchangeable, removable attachmentsodes


  • Needs to be plugged in the wall, doesn’t run on batteries
  • May cause pain if it hits a bone
  • Not always in stock

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