Does your dog pull on the lead, chase everything that moves, bark and lunge at dogs, or make your walk an ordeal for any other reason? Then you may want to watch a documentary called Five Dogs, Five Walks.

You’ll witness some of the most challenging dog walks, with professional trainers and behaviourists from Adolescent Dogs, my favourite dog-training platform. My eight-month-old fast-growing puppy, Orson, has definitely benefited from the lead-walking techniques I learned by watching the documentary. He is now much more relaxed and manageable, but only a few weeks ago our walks looked like this…!

puppy pulling a a lead

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Different Dogs, Different Issues

The head trainers and behaviourists from this award-winning training academy, Mike Newland and Jenny Trigg, have selected 5 different dogs to follow on their daily walk. You’ll be able to observe how these dogs – each with a different issue – are managed, and which exercises their owners should follow to improve their walking experience.

The Dogs Featuring in the Series:

1) A Poodle that’s scared of people, ‘barking mad’ at anyone who approaches

2) A Jack Russell that loves to chase cars and bicycles

3) A German Shepherd who lunges and barks at other dogs, dragging their owner behind

4) A Border Terrier that is obsessed with playing with other dogs, screeching in excitement whenever he sees a dog

5) A Working Cocker Spaniel puppy that’s getting used to walks in new environments, full of challenging sights and scents.

dogs featuring in the documentary

Real-Life Training Full of Challenges

What is unique about this series is that Mike and Jenny have filmed the walks in an environment full of distractions, including other dogs running to them and interfering with the training process. You will therefore have a chance to watch what they will do if things get ‘out of hand’.

I must say that I find this approach of the trainers rather courageous. The internet is full of dog training videos, but not every dog professional dares to film their training in real-life situations – e.g. busy parks with other dogs with unpredictable behaviour. There are many things that could go wrong when dealing with reactive dogs. The Five Dogs Five Walks is certainly an exciting documentary full of challenging situations.

Challenges on walks

Training Plan for Each Dog

As Jenny and Mike walk the dogs and deal with all sorts of situations, they implement specific training exercises tailored to each dog’s needs. All these exercises are available as video tutorials on the Adolescent Dogs‘ online academy.

Live Chat During the Streamed Walks

Each episode of Five Dogs Five Walks is streamed as a live webinar, which means that you will be able to chat with the trainers while they walk the dogs, and get your questions answered. All this will be available for playback anytime later, so if you missed the live-streaming dates, you can rewatch the videos when convenient.

Five dogs, five walks

How to Watch ‘Five Dogs, Five Walks’

If you are a member of the Adolescent Dogs’ VIP club, like I am, you can watch all episodes for free and replay them any time you want.

If you are not a member, you can sign up here, with an option of a seven-day free trial. During that time you can watch as many training videos as you like, and ask the trainers any questions you have about your dog. The head trainers will give you feedback on your training and help you build a training plan.

VIP club all-access

Send Your Training Videos for Feedback

You can send the trainers your videos for feedback and advice by posting them in their Facebook community group. I regularly send them my training videos with Orson, and always get useful feedback from them. Here is an example of a video that I sent them:

I made this video after watching one of Adolescent Dogs‘ training videos on how to improve impulse control and make your dog calmer. The training video was a part of their 30-day video series called Calm Canine Challenge, which you can watch as a part of your 7-day free trial, or can access anytime if you’re a member already.

Check Out the Lead Walking Course Now

As a part of your free trial, you can instantly access all Adolescent Dogs‘ video courses, including the Lead Walking course. You can check it out right now, and start teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead straight away.

Lead Walking Course

Here are some of the things you’ll learn in the Lead Walking course:

  • Foundation lead walking exercises to get you started
  • Teaching your dog to heel (and enjoy it!)
  • How to stop pulling and how to walk with a nice loose lead instead
  • How to hold the lead correctly
  • How to walk past distractions
  • How to greet people politely without lunging or jumping
  • Which equipment to use, and why
  • Puppy problem solving, e.g. refusing to walk on a lead, not wanting to wear a harness, etc.
  • How to remove food luring

…and more.

You can follow the videos, do the exercises with your dog, film them and send them to Mike and Jenny for feedback. They‘ll always show you what to do if you get stuck. And if you don’t like shooting videos, you can just ask them questions or describe your dogs’ current training or behavioural issue, and get expert help 24/7.

Other Courses to Check During Your Free Trial

Apart from the Lead Walking course, you can check out other courses on Adolescent Dogs’ platform, such as:

Ultimate Puppy Course
Calm Canine
Impulse Control Course
Foundation Skills Course
Calm Canine Challenge
Nosework Challenge Course
Reactive Rehab Course
Kids Club

…and more. Also, every weekend Mike and Jenny do Live Training Demos with new dogs, so you can see how they work through common training struggles with dogs that are still learning. You can watch these live demos on the Facebook support group, and join the live chat, or replay them later.  

A Special Discount

If, after the first free 7 days, you would like to continue with your VIP Club membership (which you can cancel any time), then you can claim 50% off your first month by using the coupon code LUCIE50 at the checkout. Just sign up here, and apply the code at the checkout.

Adolescent Dogs Online Academy

Let’s Meet in the VIP Club Facebook Group

It would be lovely to meet you and your dog(s) in Adolescent Dogs’ private Facebook group, which you can join as soon as you sign up. If you do, please look me up, I’d be delighted. You’ll find me under my maiden name Lucie Rejchrtova.

Below is an example of how I get feedback from the trainers. Remember that you can also reach out to them with any question as a part of your free trial.

Adolwescent Dogs Facebook Support Page
Adolescent Dogs Facebook Support Page

Shares and Comments

I hope that this post will help you and your dog to have much nicer walks together. Feel free to share it with anyone you know that may find it useful. And, if you’d like to leave a comment or ask me a question, scroll further down to the comments form.

More Puppy Videos?

If you’d like to see some fun videos of my German Shepherd Orson, including some of him as a tiny puppy, visit his page called Orson’s Page


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