Needles to say, indigestion it’s not one of the top desirable physical sensations. You might have eaten too much, or simply had something that doesn’t really agree with your digestive system and it is thus difficult to digest.

Indigestion can appear through numerous symptoms – bloating, pain in the abdominal area, gas, low energy showing as sluggishness and tiredness, bad mood, just to name a few.

The good news is, there are quite a number of tools available to bring the desired relief, and it’s worth trying out a combination of them, to see what suits you the bes especially as causes of indigestion can vary.



The following list consist of a few of my tried and tested favourites.



When you suffer from a stomach pain after a heavy meal, drink a small glass of water with a tea spoon of baking soda. You might feel a considerable relief within minutes, as soda bicarbonate of soda neutralizes acidic environment, changing it to alkaline. This method is also recommended for cancer patients – cancer thrives in acidic environment, so changing the body’s PH to more alkaline is beneficial.



If you need help metabolising something that that doesn’t agree with you, if you have small intestine issues, or need to balance your blood sugar, you can use the following techniques used in traditional healing, one of which is the field of Energy Medicine. These technique include massage as well as holding specific points on your body.

Donna Eden, the legendary clairvoyant healer and founder of Eden Energy Medicine, talks about all these techniques this in her iconic book, Energy Medicine: Balancing Your Body’s Energies for Optimal Health, Joy, and Vitality.


Here are my favourites:



First rub them to generate extra energy and then, using both hands, stretch your troubled tummy in all directions. You can imagine the centre of pain as a ball of clogged energy, which you are releasing outwards, creating ‘sunbeams’ of relief.



Use your thumbs or a cluster of fingers to massage under your bra line, from the centre to the sides – these your Neurolymphatic Reflex points which, when stimulated, will help ease digestion by metabolising it more quickly.



This may sound strange – what do cheekbones have in common with the stomach? Well, they have something very important in common – the acupressure points at the beginning of the Stomach Meridian.

When these points are stimulated, calming, restorative and strengthening energy is being send to the stomach, and you will experience a healthy feeling of being grounded. You will start feeling more ‘in your body’, which will bring on an additional psychological bonus of increased confidence and sense of being yourself.

It is recommended you thump this point before meeting people, e.g. when we feel a bit insecure. I treat it as a little game – often, before knocking at someone’s door, I knock on my cheekbones!


Make a 3-finger notch and tap on both sides, under your chest. This addresses the Neurolymphatic Reflexes of the spleen system, which also governs your pancreas, so this technique is also really good for regulating blood sugar.


If you have a stomach ache or indigestion, flushing Spleen Meridian can often bring considerable relief. Most people’s Spleen meridian is often out of balance, which is one of the main causes of low immunity, so flushing Spleen meridian regularly leads to stronger resistance to infections and improves your overall health.



Place your hands a few inches under your armpits, approximately where women would have a bra-line.

Then shift your hands up a bit, (towards your armpits) and then, after having drawn this imaginary hook, swipe your hands all the way down the sides of your body, ending on a big toe. (You have just traced your Spleen meridian backwards.)

Now do this in the opposite direction, from your big toe all the way up near your armpits, where you finish with the ‘hook’ shape.

A great resource for learning all about your meridians is Donna Eden’s book Energy Medicine – Balancing Your Body’s Energy for Optimal Health, Joy and Vitality, as well as this laminated chart of acupressure points that connect into meridians pathways. 


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