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What Is Biofield Tuning

Biofield Tuning is an energy medicine modality that uses the sound of tuning forks to find vibrational resistance in our personal electromagnetic field, and then, using the principles of resonance and entrainment, restore the coherence to those electromagnetic waves.

Emotional disturbances and stressful events in our life can create tangible resistance in our energy field. The healing sound waves carried by the tuning forks can clear non-beneficial patterns stored in the biofield and bring previous disturbances back into harmony.

Disclaimer: Biofield Tuning is an energy medicine modailty, and as such, does not diagnose or treat disease, nor does it replace or interfere with the services of a medical doctor.

How Biofield Tuning Works

In this video, Eileen McKusick, the pioneer of Biofield Tuning, explains how this method works.

Healthy Electric Field = Healthy Body

The work is based on the premise that our body is electric, so the majority of this work is done in body’s electromagnetic field. Sound is also a part of the electromagnetic spectrum and can positively influence patterns and flows of body’s electric field.

A healthy flow of our electric body acts like a blueprint for the health of our physical body. A vibrating fork produces a small electromagnetic charge, so when we use it around the body’s field, it acts like a magnet, and can help restore order in any distrupted, noisy, incoherent or chaotic patterns in our biofield.

Emotions Create Detectable Waveforms

Our emotions create waves that can be read by the tuning forks; even emotions from the distant past can be detected. Biofield Tuning uses principles of resonance and entrainment; during a Biofield Tuning session, we move the fork slowly towards the body and listen for changes in the fork’s tone, as it starts to resonate with the body’s frequencies.

Imagine striking an A string on a guitar. If there’s another guitar in the room, it will ‘answer’ by emitting a sound with the same note. A similar thing happens between the frequencies of the human biofield and the tuning fork. The tuning fork reflects and plays back the tones emitted by the body.

We also look for changes in the fork’s vibration, and changes in the texture of the energy field. For example, I can often detect a sense of resistance, as if I hit a wall. Or, I can feel the fork vibrating with more intensity or in a different rhythm.

Using Sound and Vibration to Restore Harmony

When we find an area that sounds or feels disturbed, dissonant, stuck, or chaotic, we project the dissonance towards the body by repeated striking of the tuning fork. The fork will reflect any dissonance back to the body.

Coherent sound is one of the tools the body can use to get itself into balance & harmony, so once the body detects the signal generated by the tuning fork, it will use the soundwaves to auto-tune itself and get into a healthier rhythm.

After a while of using the sound and vibration, the turbulence or disorder in the biofield will start decreasing, and the tone of the fork will become clearer and brighter.

Negative Thinking = an Electromagnetic Pattern That Can Be Adjusted

A lot of people suffer from troubled, undisciplined minds;  I am one of them, when I am not grounded and centered. The streams of unpleasant thoughts seem impossible to control. It’s like a constant background noise which is impossible to switch off. 

Fortunately, these negative thoughts are just electromagnetic patterns, obsessive rhythms that can be brought into better order and coherence through sound and vibration.

The more Biofield Tuning sessions you receive, the more grounded, focused, clearminded and present you’ll become.

Incoherent Frequencies Can Be Found and Treated

Throughout her 23 years of practice, Eileen McKusick has mapped the human biofield and the locations of specific emotions – frequencies. So, for example, if you constantly and obsessively worry about the future, that specific frequency can be found in the field near your head, on the left side.

This, or any other area, can then be treated with a tuning fork, and the chaotic energy will be released from the stuck pattern and brought to your centre.

So when we talk about being ‘centered’, it’s not just an abstract concept or just a feeling – it’s pure physics. When your energies are aligned along the midline of your body, you are literally residing in the present moment.

Losing and Regaining Our Light

As we go through our lives, we inevitably experience difficulties and hardships. With every painful or traumatic episode, it often feels as if we ‘lose a bit of ourselves’, or ‘lose our light’. In shamanic healing, this has been called ‘losing fragments of soul’.

In fact, this phenomenon has been proven physically: Organisms under stress leak biophotons. So as we experience stressful situations or long-term hardships, we leave behind biophotons – ‘lose our light’, and are therefore not living to our full potential.

Biofield Tuning focuses on finding the biophotons in your field and bringing them back to your energy centres through the electromagnetic properties of the tuning forks. The fork acts like a broom or a magnet and it can move lost energy, that is stuck in the biofield, back into the body. 

More Calm, Clarity, Focus, and Flow

As mentioned further above, Biofield Tuning works with the hypothesis that your memories are vibrationally encoded in your biofield. With the tuning forks, we can read and even modulate the vibrational record of our experiences, so that our body will start referring to these memories differently (including early memories we don’t remember) – i.e. without unnecessary stress, anger, panic, or fear.

As the body is tuning itself, the chaos, noise, and tension in the electromagnetic field will start easing and settling down, and the body will be able to relax and repair itself better.

Consequently, we will become more present and calmer inside, and enter into a greater sense of flow, clarity, and focus. 

Energy Flows Through Patterns – Not Always Beneficial

If you’re having a difficult time mentally, emotionally, or physically, this could mean that there are energetic loops in your biofield that need resolving.

Energy flows through established patterns, but these patterns can often be negative and non-beneficial. The tuning fork can find these patterns, interrupt them, reset them to ‘neutral’, and eliminate the noise and chaos in the field. 

Resetting the Patterns and Healthy Flow

By getting rid of the noise out of the field the body relaxes, and when the body relaxes, it functions better. It gets into a better flow – and good health means a good flow of energies.

In order to be healthy, we need to have our system in flow, without any obstructions, noise or chaos. Biofield Tuning is one of the great healing tools that support a healthy flow of energies.

I fully recommend getting a Biofield Tuning session. I get ‘tuned-up’ periodically and always benefit from these sessions.

Receiving a Tuning Session at a Distance

Biofiled Tuning sessions can be successfully carried out at a distance, using the principles of quantum physics. Electromagnetic waves travel through ether. Einstein called quantum entanglement ‘spooky action at a distance’. Nowadays, we use this action that is far from spooky, to perform distance healing sessions.

Eileen McKusick shares how her original scepticism was changed through her own experience.

Experience Biofield Tuning

I am currently in training to become a certified Biofield Tuning practitioner and look forward to offering my services in due time.

If you would like to experience a session with a certified practitioner, you can search through the practitioners’ directory.

I would love to hear about your experience with Biofield Tuning, so feel free to leave a comment at the end of this page.


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